Feature Room

Past Features

  • Modern Summer

    The new palette for summer - Fresh blue, soft blush and modern yellow.

  • The Journey | Elizabeth & Rae

    In celebration of the meaningful journey of motherhood, we bring to you two beautiful mothers who we met through the brand - Elizabeth and Rae. Read more as they share with us personal stories about motherhood.

  • A special edition of Caro Yanez x KLARRA

    Introducing a special capsule series, featuring new and favourite styles in the exclusive Caro Yanez x KLARRA print once again

  • Caro Yanez x KLARRA | About the print

    A capsule collection exclusively designed in collaboration with Argentina textile designer Caro Yanez. This collection explores a harmonious unification of Caro’s interpretation of the Grand Canyon with KLARRA silhouettes

  • Forms

    Transition from the weekend to work, pairing functional classics with gentle volumes in easy neutrals and bold hues.

  • The Holiday Edition

    Merging the pragmatic with the contemporary; a new collection featuring modern and elegant silhouettes for the festive season

  • Organic Outlines

    Contemporary and considered. Featuring minimal silhouettes with modern elements.

  • Modern Proportions

    Combining soft and deep hues with dressed-down elegance

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