Feature Room

Past Features

  • Klarra Editorial | Yasminne Cheng

    Class 95FM deejay & host of The 5 Show, Yasminne shares how she strikes a healthy balance between work, rest and play.  Discover a different side of her as she tells us stories of how she begun in the entertainment scene.

  • Spring’15 Preview

    Of sophisticated romanticism, clean lines, deep hues & intricate lace details – these pieces will bring you through a transition from Saint Valentine’s to Lunar New Year.

  • Spring/Summer ’15 Preview

    Neutral staples, soft pastels and crêpe textures are quietly making their way back into this season. A mixture of classic and contemporary silhouettes to welcome spring/summer.

  • Klarra Editorial | Cheryl Wee

    A rising star in the entertainment industry, actress and singer Cheryl Wee relocated to Taiwan earlier this year to achieve and live up her dreams. She shares more with us on her journey thus far.

  • Klarra Lifestyle | Holidays: Dawn to Dusk

    Picture perfect looks for the festive season: It’s the time of the year again when the city streets glow and brim with Christmas cheer. No matter the occasion or hour, we’ve got you covered with outfits that will transition seamlessly.

  • Klarra Lifestyle | Instagrammers Edition

    We present to you some of our well-loved Instagram personalities, both local and from all around the world, as they share about their everyday inspirations and fashion musings.

  • Klarra Editorial | Sonia Chew

    Sonia takes on the hot seat and is packing a strong punch with her spontaneous & crowd-loving personality. She shares with us on her deejay journey thus far and how she usually picks out an outfit for the day.

  • Klarra Lifestyle | Charis Ow

    Singing, acting, and channeling her passion for both beauty and fashion via her Youtube channel, Charis has got a little bit of everything on her plate. Dressed up in her favourite Klarra pieces, we caught up with her when she was in town recently for a quick shoot & chat.

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