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Past Features

  • #Klarrastudiopreview

    Join us at Klarra’s studio for a retail therapy experience on 19th - 23rd November. Enjoy a special 20% off on all current collections & lay your hands on unreleased designs by Klarra & Frontrow By Klarra.

  • Klarra Editorial | Tay Kewei

    Singer & song-writer, Tay Kewei is steathily but surely capturing hearts with her soulful voice. Read on to find out more as she shares with us on her singing journey and her motivations in life.

  • Streetstyle | featuring Hanya Seah

    All about romantic tones & exciting wearable trends this Fall/winter 2014, fashionista Hanya Seah shows us how to rock the streets in these monochrome pieces this season.

  • Klarra Lifestyle | Natalie Eng

    We spent a lovely afternoon chatting with Pâtissier & Food Photographer Natalie Eng, as she shared with us her culinary journey in Paris. Dressed up in her favourite pieces from Klarra, Natalie shows us how she stays stylish in the kitchen.

  • Klarra Editorial | Fiona Fussi

    All new this October - an exclusive interview with the fun-loving Fiona Fussi.

  • Klarra Editorial | Jean Danker

    Starting the month of September with the fifth issue of Klarra editorial, featuring Class 95FM deejay, voiceover talent and host, Jean Danker.

  • Klarra Editorial | Kelly Latimer

    Entering the month of August with the fourth issue of Klarra editorial, featuring freelance host and fitness enthusiast, Kelly Latimer.

  • Klarra Editorial | Yvette King

    Kickstarting the month of July with the third issue of Klarra editorial, featuring Korean-Australian television presenter and fashion blogger, Yvette King.

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