About Klarra

KLARRA is a clothing label of contemporary classics. Designs are powered by a kaleidoscope of clean silhouettes and quality fabrics. Each collection is created upon KLARRA’s signature modern and sophisticated tailoring that forms the foundation of every woman's wardrobe.

The KLARRA woman is an independent individual with a vivid mindset of her own. Unfazed by passing trends and undefined by age, she seeks empowerment within, never compromising on her values. Her quiet confidence is a mystery to some and only understood by the discerning.


KLARRA carries two distinctive product lines – KLARRA and FRONTROW BY KLARRA.


KLARRA features a range of essentials and new classics. Designs are versatile and are carefully considered for the freedom of finding your own interpretation of style. 


FRONTROW BY KLARRA features a range of desk-to-dinner contemporary designs with premium fabrics. Each piece in this collection is thoughtfully designed, yet offering sophisticated unique aesthetic that does not compromise on comfort. 


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