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On Motherhood with Brie Benfell

    This Mother’s Day, meet Brie Benfell - a model, actress, host and a new mum to Theadora, as she shares about the joys and challenges of Motherhood

    May we have you to do an introduction about yourself?
    My name is Brie Benfell. In a nutshell I am a model, actress, host and a new mum to Theadora. I am very much into fitness/wellness and I have teamed up with another Mummy to launch an online programme called Anjea @theanjeaway this summer. Think of it as your virtual BFF during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

    What does motherhood mean to you?
    Becoming a Mother is everything I ever wanted but I never knew I wanted until I became a Mother. Motherhood is a wild adventure, a rollercoaster of love and sleep deprivation. Motherhood has truly given me a deeper meaning to life and shown me another level of love. 

    How was your pregnancy journey?
    I adored my pregnancy very much. I felt so connected to Thea from the start. I did have weird symptoms a long the way but that all becomes a distant memory rather quickly. 

    We would like to hear about your birth story, could you share it with us?
    I was absolutely terrified of giving birth before even getting pregnant but during pregnancy that went away and I loved giving birth. It was the most intense, most beautiful moment of my life. A true miracle and the second Thea took her first breath I said ‘I am ready to do this all over again’.

    What was your life like before being a mother and now after being a mother? What was the difference in your daily routine back then and now?
    Before Theadora I wasn’t very good with my time. I would always say yes to everything even when I wanted to say no. Theadora has taught me so many things already and one very important thing is how precious my/our time is! I now say no to a lot more and focus on the work/social relationships that mean a lot to me and my family. 

    What are some of the challenges of motherhood and how did you overcome them?
    We haven’t had any family members meet our daughter and it hurts my heart that she is almost one and yet to meet her grandparents. I also would love a hug from my parents! How am I overcoming this? I am a positive person and know that getting upset/angry doesn’t help the situation so every day we FaceTime and I am so thankful we are able to do that and treasure those moments so very much.

    Who is your biggest role model and how has the person impacted you?
    My entire family. My Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother. They are all incredible humans. I am extremely close to my family. They have impacted my life a great deal. My parents taught me what unconditional love is. They have supported my dreams and have always let me spread my wings and soar. My brother and sister are insanely intelligent and wise. They constantly teach me how to grow and be the best version of myself.

    What has been the best part of motherhood?
    Theadora. She is my angel sent from heaven above. Waking up to her smiles, watching her grow and seeing her personality shine. It is truly the greatest gift and I feel so incredibly blessed to be her Mother.

    Are there things you miss doing prior to being a mother?
    Not at all. I still do everything I did before but now she is by my side which is even sweeter!

    How do you relax and recharge yourself when you get overwhelmed and tired?
    Sleep deprivation is real. My husband and I are a great team. He knows when I need a break and to recharge I workout, get a facial and massage, see my girlfriends, have a long shower or bath, have a glass of wine, cuddles from my husband! I LOVE self care.

    What is one fun fact about yourself that others might not know?
    I was on a reality TV show in the UK and lived on a desert island in the Cook Islands.

    How did your body change before and after pregnancy? Does it affect you when it comes to dressing up?
    I am so in awe of my body and the changes. I didn’t go on any diet and I am still taking things slow especially with working out. If it takes nine months to create a baby, I personally think it takes nine months to recover if not longer. I went back to my pre baby weight about 3 weeks after giving birth but my body is different but I love it. As for clothes I look for breastfeeding friendly options and longer dresses/skirts due to bending down for Thea a lot! 

    After being a mother, does it affect the way you dress? 
    In the beginning months, yes as your body is healing but now I dress the same as I did before.

    Who are some of your fashion icons and brands?
    I love Rocky Barnes, Arielle Charnas, Savina Chai and Willabelle Ong. I adore Chanel, Lorna Jane (for activewear), Klarra (my wardrobe is filled), Kookai, Auguste The Label, Never Fully Dressed and Badger and Fox. 

    Describe your style 
    Ever changing! You can sometimes find me wearing a smart shirt with jeans and a chunky heel or messy hair and a bohemian dress with birkenstocks. I love changing up my style as each outfit makes me feel different and confident in its own way! It goes with my mood and energy each day.

    What’s the greatest risk you’ve taken?
    I flew across the world (LA to Australia) to meet a man I had never met but knew I loved and he is now the father to my daughter, my husband, best friend and greatest love!

    What makes you doubt yourself, and how do you manage it?
    I think self love and confidence is one the most powerful traits one can have. I forever focus on that. Self doubt is something I do not allow to enter my mind.

    A piece of encouragement for moms-to-be & mothers out there
    Take everything day by day, hour by hour, second by second and be the Mother you want to be. Laugh, cry and make sure you give yourself a hug/high five because you are an incredible, Mama!

    What is the piece of advice you would give to someone who is a first time mom?
    Follow your gut. Even strangers like to think they know your baby better than you. Find your tribe. Find other mamas who lift you up, are honest and are fun to be around. Go with the flow and know that its an epic rollercoaster ride and one moment can feel overwhelming and the next day that specific moment has been forgotten about it! 

    How many kids would you like to have?
    If we had a money tree I would have four or more! Unfortunately we don’t have that so two or three would be a dream.

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