I Am: A Portrait Series - Serena Adsit

"Success is more than monetary rewards, it’s that spark that makes you want to keep exploring what it means to be alive"


Serena Adsit is a veteran model based in Singapore with over twenty years of experience in the industry. She is also the founder and executive director of Mint Management, a commercial modelling agency that represents locally-based commercial models/talents ranging from infants to seniors. Despite her busy schedule, Serena still models, is a mother to seven-year-old boy Evan, as well as three adorable kitties at home. Through self-awareness, Serena has managed to have fun, grow and thrive while running her business — by focusing on the good, the good gets better.  

What does Strength mean to you?
Strength means to me, the ability to encompass all the facets a women entails and still be able to be successful, nurture others and thrive all at the same time.

What does women’s empowerment mean to you?
Women’s empowerment simply means having choices and the ability and freedom to decide what’s best for ourselves and on our own terms.

What keeps you motivated and driven?
My passions, the need to be creative and to complete the tasks that I start keep me always driven and motivated. I’m a Do-er.

Who has been the biggest influence to you?
My life partner Henry has been the biggest influence on me. He has been a business-owner for the past 20 years and I look to his example and advice on how I should run my own companies. His advice and influence on how to be a better leader and better entrepreneur has been invaluable to growth and success.

What are some values you live by?
My foundations are integrity, honesty, work-ethics, kindness, and forgiveness. Choose love always!

Why did you start this business?
In my early 30s it was the perfect time to transition from a model to an agency. I already knew this business like the back of my hand having modelled then for over 15 years, and I had a good eye for talent so it was the right time to start grooming the next generation of models I knew had the potential. I wanted to empower everyone who had he interest in being a model to not be shamed for their age, height, size, shape, or color. We represent people of various ages from babies to seniors and we never ever put them down to make them feel lesser about themselves. Everyone has something to offer and the trick is trying to match them to the right commercial.

What do you hope to achieve with your business?
I want to help others make money. I want them to have fun while working with us, and to feel proud for their achievements. Since a lot of our paid models aren’t your typical types of models, I have a great sense of gratitude and joy seeing them blossom on air. It’s probably a story that they will pass down to their children in the future.

What is your idea of success?
My idea of success is waking up every morning and being absolutely happy with my life. Through self-awareness, choosing only what I truly want to do and by focusing on creativity, I’ve managed to have fun, grow and thrive while running my business. Success is more than monetary rewards, it’s that spark that makes you want to keep exploring what it means to be alive!

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?
Sincerely believe in your product first. Don’t just do something because it’s on trend or you think can make you a ton of money. Truly believe in what you do, and your conviction will keep it alive during tough times. If you don’t believe in your own product, nobody else will.  

Serena wears our Vest Outerwear In Camel and Classic Pleated Midi Skirt In Black.

Photography: Rachel Loh from Bare Creatives
Hair and Make-up: Mary Victor

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