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Living Her Wildest Dreams: Melody Tan

    “I think the pandemic made me think more out of the box in terms of my creativity.”

    Take inspiration from digital storyteller of Âme Studio, Melody Tan, as she narrates her courage in rising above the tide and embracing change in life— including her recent big move to Stockholm, Sweden. 

    Can you tell us more about yourself, where are you based and what do you do for a living?
    My name is Melody and I run Âme Studio, a modern take on digital storytelling. Energised by creativity, our journal aims to be a dossier of stories and inspiration to be told and shared that encourages creativity, initiate conversations with creatives from all walks of life, sharing their narratives and artistic visions. It is currently in the works, but our stories will be live very soon!

    How has it been coming back home and not being able to travel for a while to create?
    I spent winter in Sweden where my partner is based, so I guess I can’t say I didn’t travel.. while I am usually used to travelling non-stop, I think the pandemic made me think more out of the box in terms of my creativity. 

    Tell us about your fashion journey, how did you start and how has it evolved through the years?
    I have always loved fashion since I was a young girl but it really became more of an obsession when I was 14 and discovered Swedish fashion blogs. It made me so inspired to dress up and also document what I wore. I think over the years, my style has evolved to something that is fun, classy and very reflective of how I am feeling. I love fun clothes with feathers, sequins and what not but I also love a good old little black dress.

    We enjoy your creative content, how do you usually conceptualise and execute your photos?
    Sometimes I spend an hour or two going through old fashion editorials or Pinterest and come up with a moodboard to execute the mood and poses. Otherwise, I usually just go with the flow.

    What do you look forward to the most for the next half of the year?
    I am relocating to Stockholm, Sweden and I guess I am most looking forward to really focusing on myself. It’s a big change in my life and I think it would be time I really took care of me while I adjust. 

    What does a typical day in your life look like?
    Conceptualizing concepts, executing them, meetings, clearing emails, sometimes a quick work out and having dinner with friends. 

    We know that you enjoy cooking, what are some of your signature dishes? Do you have plans to start your own F&B business?
    Nope, that’s such hard work! F&B is such a different ballgame. My pasta dishes are pretty good I have to say.

    Do you have any upcoming plans for Ame Studio?
    Yes I have a couple of collaborations in the works and doing my own product line. 

    What is a quote you live by?
    Dolce Far Niente.

    “pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness”

    At some point in my life, I want to own a villa in Tuscany or Puglia and enjoy the sweet sweet life of doing nothing. Maybe I am just working towards that goal. But I think I always put life first. People are so obsessed with working non stop these days but I have always been the opposite. Not that I don’t work hard, but I work smart and live a good life while doing so.

    What is one of the challenges you have to overcome or have overcome this year?
    I guess relocating to Sweden is a challenge I have to overcome. It’s a big step that has given me a lot of anxiety because my future is not within my control. But I think with an open mind and open heart + some positive energy, I am going to be fine!

    Your favourite city/county.
    Probably Italy, its always been the one holiday destination I can never get sick of visiting. The beauty you see there is endless, and can we talk about the wine? 

    Where are you finding your inspiration for fashion these days?
    I shop a lot, so usually when I shop. Sometimes Instagram and fashion editorials.

    An advice you would give to your younger self and the aspiring creators out there.
    Whatever you want is already out there. The universe listens! 

    One fun fact about you that not many people know. 
    I don’t drink coffee unless it’s in an espresso martini. Haha. I am a tea drinker. No sugar please!  

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