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    "Find patience in the breath of life."

    Scents take one back - to childhood or seasons past, to places we have loved and longed to return. To us, a scent is important in bringing together the design elements of our store to uphold a complete comfortable homely experience and a personalised space.

    Harnessing botanical scents from nature, Candles of Light specialises in luxurious all-natural perfumed home goods for the modern sophisticate. Entirely handcrafted, the brand’s creations are blended with pure botanical and naturally derived ingredients that heighten your senses to the tropics and beyond. Needless to say, there was an instant synergy between us. We both work with creative materials and care about the spaces around us - it was an obvious pairing.

    As a KLARRA woman whose lifestyle is constantly on the go, private moments give her the time to unwind and re-align the day’s agenda.

    After rounds of development and testing with Candles of Light, we have created ‘The Pursuit’. Your ideal scented companion, this limited edition room and linen perfume doubles up as a mid-day spritz in between your busy moments to enliven a cluttered mind and restore your senses.

    The Pursuit (30ml) is retailing at SGD28.90/bottle and exclusively available in store for a limited time only. We invite you to come in, wander around, and smell the difference.


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