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    "Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit, and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair." – Tracy Reese

    In our continual efforts to cater to the contemporary woman, we took the bold step of venturing into footwear and debuted KLARRA’s first collection, comprising of 4 versatile styles that aspire to complete any outfit.

    The silhouettes look unfussy at first glance, but upon further inspection, they imbue an unmistakable timeless appeal – which could be attributed to the earthy colours and the gentle curves of the shank and heel. The play with subtleties is striking – a characteristic that mirrors the distinct traits of a KLARRA woman.

    In line with our burgeoning commitment towards reducing our carbon footprint, we have curated eco-friendly natural materials such as vegan leather for the manufacture of the shoes, and breathable recycled micro-fibre for the inner linings. The use of plastics is also omitted from the packaging of the shoes.

    From conceptualisation, designing to production – what took us almost half a year has finally come to fruition.

    We invite you to discover the collection, now available online and in store. #byklarra


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