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KLARRA - "bright, clear; a vivid current of life rendered with a knowing eye."

Of class, humility and values,
She speaks with calmness and consideration in mind.
Unfazed by passing trends, undefined by age,
Her quiet confidence is a mystery to some,
Only understood by the discerning.
Haste is never her companion, patience is.
With intention and kindness, 
She is a woman, She is Klarra.

Think modern interpretations of classically elegant silhouettes. Paired with thoughtful and sophisticated designs that not only accompany your modern lifestyle, but see you through your everyday and different phases of life. Here at KLARRA, that is what we envision to develop for you.

We pride ourselves in the work put behind our constant innovations where every piece of design is made from ground up. From early conceptualisations, to handpicking of each fabric and overseeing the final production process, we ensure dedicated attention to details so that you take with you only the best we can give.

During our humble beginnings, we ventured into foreign land knocking on doors to source for the right manufacturers - the ones who share the same promise as us to you. Quality is key to our design philosophy and core value. Rounds of sample making, fittings and meticulous checks go through our team of in-house creatives for every collection. Our colour palette is similarly authentic and enriching where quiet neutrals soothe, while lucent shades uplift your mood. Till this day, we continue to source for new and quality fabrics around the world, challenge ourselves in creativity and innovation to bring you better creations.

Four years later, after a couple of well-received pop-up experiences, we are proud to introduce to you our first standalone store, where we aim to bring you new experiences and create fond memories together. 

There is always a story to tell - the boundless of moments we have yet to manifest into something deeper, something more tangible. Only experience, patience and time can be the judge of that. While we wait for things to fall in place, we shall not forget to take heart. Take heart in this growing space of ours, making the most of little things and brand new things, through this journey with you.