Christmastime is here — or as we say, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

What better way to celebrate the festive season and to commemorate the journey it has been than with our valued customers right at our flagship KLARRA store where we call home.

As an appreciation for the love and support we have received, we wanted to curate an exclusive intimate experience showcasing a preview of our Holiday Collection titled, ‘Postcard from Portugal’ - one that introduces strong, utilitarian silhouettes characterized by extravagant shapes.

The Christmas surprise: As an additional treat for our guests - unreleased collections slated to launch in the coming month were made available for purchase during this evening.


Light bites were also served, including the Mini Black Truffle Chocolate and Wild Berry Lavender Pies by the friendly folks of ELIJAH Pies

At the end of the event, each guest brought home a limited edition Christmas trinket personalised with initials engraved by our dear friend and artist, Melissa. We are heartened to see pictures of the trinkets being put to good use and how they have added that little sparkle to your home.


Gathering on an intimate evening and catching up with friends over champagne and canapés was such a merry occasion - what a way to end the year and we are already looking forward to what is ahead of us. (P.S. our very first genuine leather collection coming your way soon)


Cheers to new experiences and more adventures in the New Year x