Located just an hour from Myknonos and several more from Athens, Naxos is one of the Cyclades’ best hidden gems - an island that always has something unique to offer to all who visit it. Naxos’ stunningly long, sandy beaches and turquoise seas are an obvious draw. Soak up some sun and relax on Naxos’ most visited beach, Agious Georgios, or catch a bus to Plaka for a quieter, more secluded spot.

For those interested in a piece of Greek mythology, stroll up to the Temple of Apollo - the iconic statue just off the main seafront, and watch the spectacular skyline as the sun sets over the horizon of the Aegean Sea. 

Another easy place to discover Naxos’ rustic charm is in its old town – also known as “Chora”.

Find the bustling sea front promenade, lined with vibrant shops and eateries with unbeatable sunset views in the evenings. Wander along the narrow alleys embellished with Greece's notable fuchsia pink Bougainvillea flowers and stop at local taverna - Tortuga, for the finest, most authentic cuisine like the famed Naxian cheese when you have built up your appetite. Remember to try the locally-loved Kitron – a lemon liquor made from the fruit and leaves of the island’s citron trees, or a homemade Greek yogurt and vissino (sour cherry) ice cream from local parlor, Waffle House.
With such a varied landscape, Naxos offers a little more adventure than a standard retreat. Go on and discover this hidden paradise, before the rest of the world does.


Tortuga Beach Bar & Restaurant
ΠΛΑΚΑ, Naxian on the beach, Naxos 843 00, Greece
Sunday to Friday: 8am to 1130pm
Saturday: 8am to 11pm
+30 2285 044300

Waffle House 
Naxos 843 00, Greece
Opens 24 hours
+30 2285 023007